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The Foundation of Your Health Begins Here.

Presbyterian Health Foundation accelerates lifesaving biomedical research and discovery for Oklahomans and beyond.

Our aim is that through our grantmaking, partnerships and investments, we will accelerate ideas and early-stage biomedical discovery that will save and enhance lives.

We have three primary functions that ensure biomedical innovation, education and economic development.


We fund grants for early-stage biomedical research, medical education and innovation taking place within the Oklahoma Health Center campus to elevate the growing biotechnology sector in Oklahoma.

Partnering & Investing

We look for opportunities to deepen our existing relationships and collaborate with organizations and partners to invest in transformational ideas to advance our strategic goals.

Transforming Ideas

By investing in extraordinary projects and people, we hope to help unravel the mysteries of medical science and bring the latest in healthcare offerings to our doctors offices.


We have invested over $215 million in biomedical research, discovery, and health initiatives in Oklahoma, all with the goal of enhancing and saving lives.

Over 38 Years

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Grants to Biomedical Research

Scientific breakthroughs that enable life-saving cures and treatments can only be possible through research. We support the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Oklahoma’s flagship research institutions, through several categories of biomedical research grants.

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Grants for Scientific Education

Ensuring our research institutions have the talent they need to conduct early-stage research is important. We have consistently invested in medical education, in particular the OUHSC/OMRF MD/PhD Program and symposia happening at the Oklahoma Health Center.

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Grants to Support Innovation

We support organizations in Oklahoma City who are striving to promote the biomedical research sector to ensure it is a viable and recognized industry in Oklahoma through our Mission Impact Grants.

Primary Grantees

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
The PHF is located in the heart of the Health Center campus and Oklahoma City.
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