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Our Focus Areas

The focus of Presbyterian Health Foundation has always been to fund research that will save lives.

Although much focus is given to a disease’s latest drug treatment or cure, those developments would not be possible without early-stage scientific breakthroughs. It is at the basic research level where fundamental discoveries are made, enabling future treatments and cures.


By investing in extraordinary projects and people on the Oklahoma Health Center campus, we continue to make great strides in unraveling the mysteries of science and bring the latest in healthcare offerings to our doctors offices.

Biomedical Research

Seed Grants

Helps fund a new idea for an established or new investigator.

Clinical Scientist Development Grants

Supports an early-stage clinician scientist on a clinical or translational project.

Team Science Grants

Fosters bench to bedside innovation for investigators across disciplines.

Bridge Grants

Provides an opportunity to improve an idea and enhance competitiveness.

Equipment Grants

Provides partial funding for critically needed research equipment.

Recruitment Grants

Provides funding for the recruitment of research scientists to attract and retain promising talent on the OHC campus.

Scientific Education

Symposium Grants

Provides opportunity for collaboration and communication.


MD/PhD Program

Provides funding for OUHSC and OMRF to prepare future physician-scientists for careers in academic medicine and clinical investigation.

Health Innovation

Mission Impact Grants

By invitation only, these grants are awarded to organizations on or affiliated with the OHC campus who are providing cutting-edge health innovations in Oklahoma City.


Community Grants

In order to provide our local communities with the most beneficial services, Community Grants are by invitation only.

Lab technician at microscope
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